Impacts of Global Water Forums

January 4, 2005 Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent at global forums to discuss water-related issues over the past 25 years. The benefits of spending such enormous amounts of money, and of the time and efforts necessary to … Read More

Human Rights to Water

January 4, 2005 The concept of human rights to water is not new. The right to water has been recognized in a wide range of international documents, including treaties, declarations and other standards. For example, Article 14, paragraph 2, of … Read More

El Derecho Humano al Agua (Spanish)

Enero 4, 2004 El concepto del derecho humano al agua no es un tema nuevo, éste ha sido reconocido en una amplia gama de documentos internacionales tales como tratados, declaraciones y otras normas. Por ejemplo, el artículo 14, apartado 2, … Read More