Volume 18, Issue 4

December 2002 ONLINE ACCESS TO THIS ISSUE INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT ALONG THE SENEGAL RIVER: INTRODUCING AN ANALYTICAL FRAMEWORK (pp. 501-521) Olli Varis and Virpi Lahtela, Water Resources Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland E-mails: olli.varis@hut.fi, vlahtela@cc.hut.fi Abstract: Integrated water resources … Read More

Volume 18, Issue 3

September 2002 ONLINE ACCESS TO THIS ISSUE GRAND COULEE DAM 70 YEARS LATER: WHAT CAN WE LEARN? (pp. 377-390) Leonard Ortolanoa and Katherine Kao Cushingb aCivil and Environmental Engineering Department, Stanford University, Stanford, USA; bProgram on Urban Studies, Stanford, USA E-mails: ortolano@cive.stanford.edu, kat@stanford.edu Abstract: … Read More

Volume 18, Issue 2

June 2002 ONLINE ACCESS TO THIS ISSUE WATER RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT IN THE LOWER SENEGAL RIVER BASIN: CONFLICTING INTERESTS, ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS AND POLICY OPTIONS (pp. 245-260 ) Olli Varisa and Sylvie Fraboulet-Jussilab aHelsinki University of Technology, Finland; bOil & Water Ltd, Finland E-mails: olli.varis@hut.fi, sylvie.fraboulet-jussila@poyry.fi … Read More

Volume 17, Issue 4

December 2001 Special Thematic Issue: Club of Tokyo ONLINE ACCESS TO THIS ISSUE FOREWORD EDITORIAL GLOBALIZATION AND MANAGEMENT OF WATER RESOURCES: DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES AND CONSTRAINTS OF DIVERSIFIED DEVELOPING COUNTRIES (pp. 481-487) Kazuo Takahashi, International Development Research Institute, Kudanminami, Chiyodaku, Japan E-mail: takahashi@fasid.or.jp … Read More

Volume 17, Issue 1

March 2001 ONLINE ACCESS TO THIS ISSUE EDITORIAL DEVELOPMENT AND LARGE DAMS: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE (pp. 9-21) Asit K. Biswasa and Cecilia Tortajadab aPresident and bVice-President, Third World Centre for Water Management, Mexico E-mails: akbiswas@cablevision.net.mx, cecilia.tortajada@gmail.com Abstract: Water-retaining structures have been built to … Read More