Dead in the water: a very angry book about our greatest environmental catastrophe … the death of the Murray–Darling Basin

April 20, 2021
Many from outside of Australia may be puzzled as to why anyone would write ‘a very angry book’ about water reform in, of all places, Australia? A country that senior Australian public servants, scientists, consultants and politicians have widely and frequently proclaimed to be the ‘world’s best’ on their many business trips to Paris, London, Washington, Delhi and Beijing.
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How China eradicated absolute poverty

April 12, 2021
China has lifted about 800 million people out of absolute poverty and become the second-largest economy in the world. In 1980 China’s per capita GDP was $194.80-10 percent of Brazil ($1,947.28) and 73 percent of India ($266.58). But thanks to years of good economic management and rapid growth, its per capita GDP increased by more than 58 times to $10,216,6 in 2019-nearly 5.45 times of India ($2,099.60) and 1.31 times of Brazil ($8,717.20).… Read More

Catch the rain: Another feel good plan

March 22, 2021
India’s water management has been on an unsustainable path for decades. This has ensured that not enough water of appropriate qualities is available not only for basic human needs like drinking, cooking and proper personal hygiene but also for industrial, commercial, agricultural and environmental purposes. There is not a single Indian urban centre where its inhabitants can safely drink directly water provided by public utilities.… Read More


December 18, 2020
COVID-19 and lack of clean water has also been proven to be a serious problem in healthcare facilities. According to UN, two out of five health care facilities globally do not have soap or water, and more than 1/3 of the people lack basic handwashing facilities at home.… Read More

India-Bhutan hydropower cooperation: Perceptions and politics

November 11, 2020
In this edition, Saneet Chakradeo interviews Udisha Saklani and Cecilia Tortajada on their article “India’s Development Cooperation in Bhutan’s Hydropower Sector: Concerns and Public Perceptions”. In their article, survey India’s development cooperation in Bhutan and its changing public perceptions. While offering insights into the importance of development cooperation in Indo-Bhutan relations, the article uses the bilateral relationship as a case to propose possible lessons for India in managing its development cooperation with its smaller neighbours. As climate concerns assume greater relevance in shaping bilateral relations in the region, the authors suggest prudent measures for India’s energy.… Read More

If China sets an eco-target, it reaches it

October 30, 2020
Any objective review of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) will show it has been a game changer for China. The plan has promoted the transition to ecological civilization and green growth through significantly strengthened environmental policies and legislation, which have reinforced earlier efforts to control. environmental pollution, and promoted circular economy.… Read More