Webinar on Desalination in the context of water security

Seawater desalination has become an increasingly viable process to produce fresh water. However, for it to benefit the billions of people living 60-100 km from coasts, aspects such as cost of production, energy use, and environmental impacts still have to be addressed. This webinar will discuss the roles policy, science, and technology can play in making desalination a more affordable and environmentally-friendly process to produce fresh water, and, to what extent, it can contribute to water security in the future in a framework of climate change.

The webinar will be moderated by Professor Cecilia Tortajada of the School of Social & Environmental Sustainability, University of Glasgow. Introductory remarks will be by Uzma Khan, Vice-Principal for Economic Development and Innovation, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer at the University of Glasgow. The panel members will be Lauren Greenlee, Executive Vice President of the Food + Water + Waste Domin at the XPRIZE Foundation, USA; Leon Awerbuch, President & CEO, International Desalination Consultancy Associates LLC, USA; David Lloyd Owen, Managing Director of Envisager, UK; and Virgilio (Perry) Rivera, Jr, Managing Consultant, WatSan Analytics, The Philippines.