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Human Rights to Water

The main objectives of this project is to analyse how several countries have approached the issue of human rights to water in terms of incorporating this concept into appropriate public policies, implementation of such policies, impac [...]

Research and Policy Publications

Water Security, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Edited by Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada, Springer, Singapore, 2016, 168 pages

This book pursues a comprehensive approach so as to arrive at a better understanding of the implications of climate change on sustainable development, focusing on the perspective of water. Climate change is one of today’s [...]

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Water Security, Climate Change and Sustainable Development: An Introduction

Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada, Introduction of the book 'Water Security, Climate Change [...]

The global population is estimated to increase from 7.3 billion at present to about 11.2 billion by 2100. Providing good quality of life for the existing  hundreds of millions of people living in poverty and for the additi [...]

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World of Water Atlas: Mexico Case Study

Cecilia Tortajada, Globe View, 2015, pages 191-195

According to the latest calculations, by the year 2030 around 60 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. Particularly in developing countries, this trend is associated with major problems with regard to [...]

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Building Sustainability
  • Routledge Special Issues on Water Policy and Governance

    New and published books of the Series.

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  • Series on Water Resources Development and Management

    New and forthcoming titles in the Series

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  • Singapore urged to re-examine its water management strategy

    Channel News Asia interview, Singapore

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  • Water Challenge blog by Peter Brabeck-Letmathe

    A blog created for discussions on the issue of water use and availability

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  • An Editor’s Choice Collection of top articles

    Collection of top articles of our International Journal

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About us

Efficient water management requires new knowledge and implementable solutions, as well as synthesis of current experiences from different parts of the world. The primary objective of the Centre is thus generation, synthesis and application of knowledge, and extensive global dissemination of the related information.