Water pricing is a must

An interview with Prof. Asit K. Biswas Business Economics | February 1st, 2011 Q) In India, despite water scarcity, the problem is huge wastage. Do you think pricing can internalise the concern on proper water management in both state and community … Read More

Green growth and energy

Cecilia Tortajada NEW EUROPE OECD Forum, May 2010 In the field of development paradigms, it has been clear for long time that there are gaps between their current understanding and the one that is necessary to address evolving economic, social … Read More

Big Gulp

A massive Indian irrigation project is indicative of the costs and rewards of a global obsession with water resources. Closely held MEIL is awash with business. Megha Bahree FORBES | December 14, 2009 In the remote hills of the southern … Read More

Water Management in 2020 and Beyond

December 1, 2009
Review by Bhanoji Rao, Institute of Water Policy, LKYSPP, Singapore
It is laudable that the International Centre of Water and Environment of the Government of Aragon, in association with a number of other agencies, has taken the initiative to bring together, in late 2006, experts on water issues, population, development, economics, agriculture, energy, health and technology, for a workshop on the theme of Water Management Beyond 2020. … Read More

Water crisis: Myth or reality

Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada GLOBAL-IS-ASIAN October-December 2009, Issue 4, Pages 1-3 Water is an important cross-cutting issue to assure food, energy, and environmental security. And yet, it is probably the most neglected or ignored resource issue of the … Read More