Hunger in a complex world

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe and Asit K. Biswas Project Syndicate | May 1, 2012  According to the United Nations Population Division, the world’s population reached seven billion in 2011. By 2050, that number will have risen to more than 9.3 billion. As … Read More

Impacts of large dams

The main question facing the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America is not whether large dams have an important role to play in their economic and social development, but rather how best they can be planned, designed and constructed.… Read More

City water for all

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe and Asit K. Biswas PROJECT SYNDICATE | March 21, 2012 The United Nations uses the term “improved” sources of water to describe what is supplied to residents of many urban areas around the world. Unfortunately, “improved” does not always … Read More

Murky Water

Jade Lee-Duffy and Karen Emmons DEVELOPMENT ASIA | March 31, 2012 After a heavy rainstorm in June, farmers around the townships of Qujing City in Yunnan Province in the southwest People’s Republic of China’s (PRC), woke to a disturbing scene. … Read More