Henan floods spark questions over early warnings

Cars sitting in flood waters following heavy rain in Zhengzhou in China’s central Henan province yesterday. The rainy season has hit the country hard, with Henan province recording the highest rainfall to date. Over 200mm of rain fell in one hour in Zhengzhou on Tuesday. PHOTOS: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

Aw Cheng Wei

THE STRAITS TIMES | July 23, 2021

Issues raised by netizens include why TV station failed to provide public safety info.

Questions are being raised online in China on whether sufficient warnings were issued ahead of the deadly flooding in Henan that has claimed 33 lives so far.

Another eight people are missing and nearly 400,000 people have been relocated following heavy rain from last Saturday.

The single deadliest incident recorded so far involved a flooded underground subway carriage in the provincial capital, Zhengzhou, in which 12 commuters died. Video footage on social media showed commuters up to their necks in murky flood water.

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