Expert: Extreme weather requires nations to improve response

Continuing emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere are steadily making the earth warmer. From Siberia to Norwegian Arctic, from Western Canada to South-Western UnitedStates, temperatures are soaring. Direct impacts of this global warming include increasing frequencies and magnitudes of extreme climatic events like floods, droughts and heatdomes. Recently, countries like Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, NewZealand, India and China have witnessed very severe floods. Similarly, serious droughts are now raging in Brazil, Iran, Mexico and the Western United States. During the first six months of 2021, the average temperature in China has been 1-2°C warmer than normal, highest since 2016. As air heats up, its moisture-holding capacities increase. Thus, it has the potential to produce more intense #storms than before. Thus, expect 40-50% more rain in some parts of China. Not surprisingly, Inner Mongolia witnessed heavy rainfall and floods. In Zhengzhou, Henan province, between 17-20 July, 617.1 mm of rain fell only in three days.

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