Water management for an increasingly complex and interrelated world

Cecilia Tortajada | Hydropower and Dams, 2008

In the present-day world, both developed and developing countries are facing issues where some of the existing paradigms are confronted with harsh practical realities. These make their implementation exceedingly complex and difficult, where inappropriate and inefficient management practices often prevail, and where a futuristic vision for a much needed broader perspective on key issues related to development still has to be formulated, let alone implemented. Good policies which can be implemented in practice are needed in all resource management sectors (including in energy and agriculture), if economic, social and equitable development is to be achieved all over the world.

In terms of social and environmental challenges, their increasing complexities and global reaches make it essential to develop more ambitious intersectoral policy alternatives which are economically efficient, socially and politically acceptable, environmentally friendly, and institutionally practical to implement.

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