Asian Water Development Outlook, 2007: Achieving Water Security for Asia

The Asian Water Development Outlook (AWDO) 2007 is a package of factual information, data, experiences, and solutions to problems in the water and sanitation sector of countries in the Asia and Pacific region. It provides comparative data for the sector in a number of countries and new perspectives on present issues in the sector and their relationships with other sectors, and looks at the sometimes startling and thought-provoking implications of present global trends on the future of the sector. It begins with a sweeping overview of the sector by Asit Biswas that explains why some countries, cities, and rural areas around the world have succeeded in providing their populations with good water supply and sanitation and others have not. Developing countries face much more difficult problems than developed countries because the gradual pace of development in the former allowed the sector to keep up with and plan ahead of expansion, unlike in developing countries where development is taking place at relatively breathtaking speed, defying the efforts in many cases of public providers to cope with such problems as populations that are both increasing and aging, industrial demand for and pollution of water, and infrastructure needs for About AWDO 2007 waste collection and treatment.

Asian Development Bank (ADB), 2007, Manila, Philippines.

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