International Workshop on Water Management in 2020 and Beyond

November 8, 2006 | Zaragoza, Spain

This meeting was organized by the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Aragon, through its International Water Centre, CIAMA-Alfranca, with the support of the Aragon Water Institute, in collaboration with the Third World Centre for Water Management in Mexico and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Japan.

Prof. Asit K. Biswas, President Marcelino Iglesias, Minister Alfredo Boné and Mr. Keiji Iwatake World’s leading experts in the fields of water, population, development, economics, agriculture, energy and health, among other fields, participated in this meeting. This included consideration of how developments in seemingly unrelated sectors like globalisation, free trade, energy, information and communication revolutions, and HIV, as well as emerging developments in traditionally considered areas like population, urbanisation, agriculture, water supply and water quality management, are likely to affect water management in the future.

The objectives of this 1st Experts Meeting not only looked at the future of global water development scenario beyond the post 2020-period seriously and comprehensively, but also a research and action agenda was formulated for the organizing institutions.

Conference report