Impacts of global megaconferences on the water sector

Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada | Asian Water, 2005

A Questionnaire was sent to 2,698 people from 121 countries, among whom were the members of the World Water Council and International Water Resources Association, as well as the participants of recent major water conferences. Even though the latest available e-mail addresses were used, 372 questionnaires bounced back. Out of the remaining 2,326 questionnaires, 651 responses were received, a response rate of 28 percent. Considering the global, multi-institutional and multi-sectoral nature of the survey, the response rate can be considered to be quite good. Correspondents were specifically requested to give their own personal views, and they were assured of full confidentiality. In addition to the global survey, specific countries or regions were selected for in-depth studies. These were for Australia, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Scandinavia and Southern Africa.

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