Webinar on Water and sustainable development: What has been achieved and what needs to be done?

The University of Glasgow, through its School of Interdisciplinary Studies, hosted its second water-related global webinar, on Monday, 06 June 2022. The four panellists, leading world authorities in the areas of water and sustainable development, that participated in this webinar were Rachael McDonell, Deputy Director-General, International Water Management Institute; Dr Oyun Sanjaasuren, Director, Clean Climate Fund and former Minister of Environment, Mongolia, and Chair of Global Water Partnership; Prof Cecilia Tortajada, University of Glasgow, and Past President of International Water Resources Association; and Pierre van Rensburg, Strategic Executive for Infrastructure, Water and Technical Services, Windhoek, Namibia. The webinar was moderated by Prof Fabrice Renaud, with an introduction by Prof Carol Hill and closing remarks by Prof Graeme Roy, all from the University of Glasgow.

Record of the webinar is now available