Webinar on Water, food and climate change in COP26: What was expected and what was achieved

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow, is starting a regular series of global webinars on water-related issues. These 90-minutes webinars will consider water within a multidisciplinary, multisectoral, multi-issue and multi-institutional framework. The specially invited speakers will be leading academic experts in their respective fields, senior policymakers from different parts of the world, CEOs of major multinational corporations and heads of national and international organizations. The series is being organized by Prof Cecilia Tortajada, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Prof Asit K. Biswas, Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Glasgow.

The first webinar, WATER, FOOD AND CLIMATE CHANGE IN COP26: WHAT WAS EXPECTED AND WHAT WAS ACHIEVED, was held on World Water Day, 2022.

The webinar series will be introduced by Sir Anton Muscatelli, Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow and moderated by Prof Cecilia Tortajada, School of Interdisciplinary Studies. The speakers will be Prof Joachim von Braun, University of Bonn, Dr Barbara van Koppen, International Water Management Institute, Prof Taikan Oki, University of Tokyo and Prof Asit K. Biswas.

The record of this webinar is now available