Water Crisis and Water Wars: Myths and Realities

More and more countries are being forced to improve their water management practices, since they have no real alternative. Industries are realizing they can survive and thrive only by steadily improving their water efficiency. The general public is becoming aware of the value and the cost of water and of the uncertainties posed by climate change to all related sectors. Cumulatively, all these developments will ensure that the global water scene by 2030 will be very different from the present. A by-product of all these changes is likely to be that the present misguided focus on scarcity due to physical lack of water will move to considering how best water management practices and processes can be improved so that significantly more can be done with the same quantum of water and its regular reuse.

By Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada, 2019. Article published in International Journal of Water Resources Development, Volume 35, Issue 5, pages 727-731. DOI: 10.1080/07900627.2019.1636502

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