Water crisis (in Hindi)

Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada

DAINIK JAGRAN | February 20, 2015

Signs of water stresses are all over the country, both in terms of availability and quality. The water situation in India is worse than in many other countries because of poor policies and practices that have been used for decades. Sustained interest in water issues by senior policy-makers has been conspicuous by its absence. Indian politicians are interested in water only when there are serious droughts and floods. As soon as these are over, their interest simply disappears!

India has enough water not only for now but also for 2050 when its population is estimated to increase by another 450 million, nearly one-third more than at present. All these additional people will need food, energy, industrial and economic development, proper health, education facilities and a good environment to enjoy a good quality of life. Meeting the needs of this additional 450 million will require increasingly more water since water is an essential component to meet all human needs.

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