Creating Shared Value. From Bean to Cup: The Role of Nestlé in Colombia’s Coffee Sector

This study focuses on how Nestlé has created shared value in Colombia, particularly in the coffee sector. The chapter in the country’s history Nestlé is part of is much more than a corporate social responsibility tale targeted at building consumer opinion, brand loyalty and trust. It is the description, account and analysis of the activities the company has undertaken to do well by doing good to society as a whole. The way Nestlé does business in Colombia is by joining and building onto the work of other social institutions to further advance health, wellness, nutrition and living conditions for consumers and suppliers alike. Success is being shared by spreading benefits throughout each and every segment of the value chain. It is ultimately an example that social equity and business efficiency do not have to be at odds.

Executive Summary, 2013, Third World Centre for Water Management, Mexico, 11 pages.

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