OECD Forum 2008: Some Personal Reflections

The OECD Forum took place during 3–4 June 2008. The Forum, which first started in 2000, has evolved over the years. In its present form, it provides an excellent platform each year for senior representatives from governments, business, academia, labour and other civil society leaders to interact, exchange views and network on a specifically selected focused and timely topic. This year the topic selected was ‘climate change, growth, stability’. In retrospect, the topic proved to be most appropriate, especially because of the current global concern with the complexities of managing climate change, continuing financial turmoil, as well as the need for sustained economic and equitable growth all over the world. These are unquestionably some of the most priority issues confronting the world at present.

By Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada, 2008. Article published in International Journal of Water Resources Development, Volume 24, Issue 4, pages 651-655. DOI: 10.1080/07900620802351842

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