Challenges and Realities of Water Management of Megacities: The Case of Mexico City Metropolitan Area

The nature of megacities on a global scale, addressing the delicate relationship between economic development and urban resource management in the face of environmental sustainability is analized. The topic then unfolds through an analysis of the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City (ZMCM), a megacity recognized for its diminishing supply of natural resources, among them, freshwater. Emphasis is placed on declining groundwater supply. complexities with infrastructure and concerns regarding sanitation. While the central focus of this argument is the ZMCM water supply, a comparative analysis points out the similarities and differences among megacities across the globe, such as Dhaka, Sao Paulo and Bangkok. Ultimately, this paper attempts to demonstrate that the problem of water access in megacities has less to do with water scarcity and more to do with water mismanagement.

By Cecilia Tortajada, 2008. Article published in Journal of International Affairs, Volume 61, Issue 2, pages 147-167

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