Rethinking paradigms in the water sector

Cecilia Tortajada | Hydropower and Dams, 2007

Right from the very beginning, an overriding philosophy of IWRA has been that efficient water management requires a multi-sectoral approach. Water affects a variety of other sectors like food, energy, land use, environment, industrial development, transportation and tourism, and is, in turn, affected by them. Long-term efficient water management is thus only possible within an overall inter-sectoral framework, and with the involvement of multi-stakeholders during its planning and management stages.

Within this overall context, IWRA has consistently provided a global forum for bridging disciplines, sectors, stakeholders and geographies by sharing knowledge and experience, and by developing functional networks among public and private sectors, national and international organisations, universities, research institutions and NGOs who are interested in improving water management practices and processes all over the world.

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