Appraising Sustainable Development: Water Management and Environmental Challenges

The book considers two challenging issues of the twenty-first century: the implementation potential of the concept of sustainable development, and its potential application to make water management more efficient and equitable than at present. It answers complex questions such as whether a single paradigm of sustainable water resources management can encompass all countries of a very heterogeneous world, with very different cultures, social norms, climatic conditions, physical attributes, management and technical capacities, institutional and legal frameworks, and systems of governance.

In this book, leading international specialists and experts from diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and expertise analyse the current status and future application potential of the sustainable development paradigm to the water sector in terms of improving existing processes and practices.

Edited by Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada, 2005, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 223 pages.

Appraising Sustainable Development – Part I

Appraising Sustainable Development – Part II

Appraising Sustainable Development – Part III