International Workshop on Impacts of Large Dams

October 27, 2004 | Istanbul, Turkey

The main objective of the meeting was to debate impartially, comprehensively, and objectively the positive and negative impacts of large dams based on facts, figures, and authoritative analyses. These in-depth case studies were expected to promote a healthy and balanced debate on the needs, impacts and relevance of large dams. The impacts of the following large dams were analyzed: Aswan High Dam, Egypt; Shahid Rajee (Tajan) Dam, Iran; Sobradinho Dam and Salto Caxias Hydropower Project, Brazil; Sierre-Poncon Dam, France; and all large dams in Switzerland. The Bhakra Nangal Project and Koyna and Kangsabati dams in India were analyzed, as were the Ataturk, Altinkaya, Gezende, and Hasan Ugurlu dams in Turkey. The indirect economic impacts of dams, with examples of different parts of the world, were assessed. There was also a most thought-provoking and comprehensive discussion of the global experiences on resettlement.

Conference report