A unique Think Tank offers fresh perspective

Sahana Singh

ASIAN WATER | July 31, 2004

The Centre is a knowledge-oriented institute. It mainly focusses on knowledge generation, knowledge synthesis and knowledge dissemination. A significant raison d’etre for the establishment of the Centre in 2000 was that a world-class policy-oriented think tank on the water problems of the Third World simply did not exist. Thus, the Centre was conceived as a totally independent institution that will carry out objective and comprehensive studies on complex water-related issues, but without any hidden agendas, dogmas or political correctness. Its analyses are always based on facts and good science. It strongly believes that there are no universal solutions that are equally applicable to all parts of a heterogeneous world, since the countries are often at different stages of development and their physical, climatic, economic, social, legal, environmental and institutional conditions often vary sig­nificantly.

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