Contribution of Women to the Planning and Management of Water Resources in Latin America

Much has been said about women’s participation in the different fields of development, water resources being one of them. Both water resources management and gender issues are complex, and their analyses and solutions would necessarily reflect regional conditions, institutional views, societal practices, and cultural backgrounds. Historically women have been primarily responsible for the provision and management of water at the household and community levels. However, their presence at the managerial and decision-making levels has been comparatively more recent. This paper summarizes the main findings and results of a workshop convened in Mexico City to analyse the contributions of women at the planning, management and decisionmaking levels.

By Cecilia Tortajada, 1998. Article published in International Journal of  Water Resources Development, Volume 14, Number 4, pages 451-459. DOI: 10.1080/07900629849088

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