Core and Periphery: A Comprehensive Approach to Middle Eastern Water

Water is the most critical resource for the long-term sustainable development of the Middle East. Without an amicable agreement between the countries concerned to develop and use scarce water resources on an equitable basis, no lasting peace is possible in the region . The water issue has concurrent political, technical, economical and social dimensions. In order to examine these complex interrelationships, and to propose some possible solutions, a Middle East Water Commission was established with leading international water experts as its members. This book is the final report of this Commission and is an outstanding example of how complex inter-country water issues can be analysed.

The book will be of direct interest to anyone interested in the management of international waters.

By Asit K. Biswas, John Kolars, Masahiro Murakami, John Waterbury and Aaron Wolf, 1997, Oxford University Press, Delhi, 160 pages.

1st part of the book online

2nd part of the book online

This book has been translated into Arabic by Dar An-Nahar Publishing, Beirut, 1998, 160 pages.