Land and Water Management for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Egypt: Opportunities and Constraints

The present report is one of the three background papers prepared by senior international consultants as a contribution for discussion at a National/FAO workshop on the impact of agricultural policy on agricultural development, with particular emphasis on options and perspectives for the 1990s and beyond. The workshop would be held in Cairo, would be attended by senior government officials and decision-makers from the appropriate ministries. The report is based on a 6-week effort, most of which was spent in Egypt. The main thrust of the report is on land and water development for sustainable agricultural development in Egypt. Basically, it is structured into four major parts. The first part deals with major concepts and issues for sustainable agricultural development. Second and third parts deal with land resources, including land reclamation and water resources. The final part considers the major cross-sectoral policy issues: water pricing, environmental quality, risks and uncertainties and data availability, reliability and accessibility.

Policy issues and recommendations are made throughout the report in appropriate sections. For ready reference, only the important policy issues and recommendations are underlined. The major policy issues are then discussed in greater detail towards the end of this report.

By Asit K. Biswas, 1991. Report Submitted to Food and Agricultural Organization, Rome, Italy.

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