Implementing Environmentally Sound Management of Inland Waters

While  it is  now  widely  accepted  that  the harnessing  of  water  resources  can make  a major  contribution  to  economic progress  in  various  parts  of  the  world, there  is  also  increasing  concern  about the  adverse  environmental  effects  that such  development  may  produce.  Reviewing  experiences  in  several  countries,  however,  it  seems  that  it  may  be possible  to  reconcile  the  management of  water  resources  and  the  maintenance  of  environmental  integrity.  The paper  assesses  the  likelihood  of  a  re- conciliation  taking  place  in the  light  of a number  of  trends  in  contemporary  water  management  While  many  of  these trends  are  in  the  direction  of  harmonious  development,  the  pace  of  accommodation  has  typically  been  slow  and erratic.  The  authors  offer  some  suggestions  as to  how  this  might  be  overcome through  modifications  in  legislation, policies, procedures  and  administrative structures.

By W.R. Derrick Sewell and Asit K. Biswas, 1986. Article published in Resources Policy, Volume 12, Issue 4, pages 293-306.

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