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International Journal of Water Resources Development

This is a policy and practice-oriented Journal that covers all aspects of water resources policy, management, development and governance. It is an interdisciplinary Journal that focuses on water resources and their economic, financial, social and environmental-related impacts. Contributions which include the interdependences and inter-linkages between the water and the agricultural, energy, industrial and health sectors in both developed and developing countries, both at present and in the future, are welcome.

The Journal would be of interest to:
  • Academics and researchers in the water resources field;
  • Policymakers and managers in organizations that are affected by, or concerned with, water resources planning, management, development and governance;
  • Hydrologists, engineering, economists, sociologists, geographers, ecologists, climatologists, environmental scientists;
  • Lawyers and administrators.
Abstracts of the International Journal of Water Resources Development can be seen below.
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Volume 34, Issue 6

November 1, 2018

Normal Issue

Volume 34, Issue 5

September 3, 2018

Special Issue: Hydropolitics and Conflict Management in Transboundary River Basins: China and its Neighbours

Volume 34, Issue 4

July 1, 2018

Special Issue: Urban Resilience to Droughts and Floods: Policies and Governance

Volume 34, Issue 3

May 1, 2018

Special Issue: Water Resources Research in China in the Context of Climate Change and Anthropogenic Activity

Volume 34, Issue 2

March 1, 2018

Normal Issue

Volume 34, Issue 1

January 1, 2018

Special Issue: Politics and Policies for Water Resources Management in India

Volume 33, Issue 6

November 1, 2017

Normal Issue

Volume 33, Issue 5

September 1, 2017

Special Issue: The Productivity and Profitability of Small Scale Communal Irrigation Systems in South-eastern Africa

Volume 33, Issue 4

July 1, 2017

Normal Issue

Volume 33, Issue 3

May 1, 2017

Special Issue: Integrated Watershed Management in Canada: Experiences of Watershed Authorities

  • 1 of 12 Pages