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State of Nepal’s Waters

Rivers in Nepal are considered sacred in religious term. Confluence of major rivers are dotted with temples and are considered abode of prehistoric ‘Rishi’ and ‘Muni’ (Saints). Himalayan rivers in particular are still revered as places of pilgrimage. The pilgrimage sites like ‘Muktinath’, ‘Dev Ghat’, ‘Baraha Chhetra’, ‘Pashupat Chhetra’ etc are visited by hundreds of Hindu pilgrims from all over the world on some particular auspicious days. To bath in these rivers are considered a pious activity. When people die, they are cremated on the banks of sacred rivers. Hence the rivers play an important role in Nepal’s cultural heritage.

Utilization of Nepal’s water resources for the benefit of the people of the Ganga basin and for regional cooperation had been a subject of discussion for past several decades. Time has come to discuss the matter more seriously and move forward by creating a supra-national institution to make it more meaningful and productive to all parties.

Iswer Raj Onta, 2004, “State of Nepal’s Waters”, Research Report, Third World Centre for Water Management, Mexico, 1-93.

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