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State of India’s Water

This report is intended to describe the State of Water Resources in India, including its development and management as it stands at the beginning of the third millennium. This document is a compilation of the reports and publications of various government departments and ministries dealing with the water resources development and management in the country. The report heavily draws upon the recent vision exercises taken up in the country at the beginning of the millennium and the planning consultation process of the Tenth Five Year Plan of the country starting in April 2002. The report is organized to present a complete picture of the Water Resources in India to a reader who might not be very familiar with the geopolitical and socio-economic settings of the country. It attempts to cover various aspects starting with the legal framework under which the water resources management is carried out to the various uses of water, its quality aspects, the future uses and the sustainability of the development process.

A.C. Tyagi, 2003, “State of India’s Water”, Research Report, Third World Centre for Water Management, Mexico, pages 1-92. 

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