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State of Egypt’s Water

Water is one of the most valuable resources on earth. Although Egypt is fed by the Nile, which has helped in the growth of the country’s civilization, this great river is not without limit. The Nile supplies 96 percent of Egypt’s water. Although it is so integral to Egypt’s life and development, it does not belong solely to it. Egypt shares the Nile with nine other countries, namely: Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania, the Democratic Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and Kenya.

Not only does Egypt share the Nile water with many countries, it also lies at the end of the Nile’s route toward the sea. This means that it receives the Nile after it has emptied much of its water along the way. To ensure a fair share of the Nile’s waters, in 1959 Egypt signed an agreement with Sudan on its use.

Ibrahim El-Assuiti, 2003, “State of Egypt’s Water”, Research Report, Third World Centre for Water Management, Mexico, pages 1-53.

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