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Preface to Integrated Water Resources Management: From Concept to Implementation

Over the past twenty-five years, it has become increasingly clear to me that the donors and the international organisations were determinedly promoting the mantra of IWRM to lead the world to water resources nirvana primarily because of their own vested interests. This is in spite of the fact that all the evidence over the past three generations of attempt to implement IWRM has been spectacularly unsuccessful anywhere in the world and has raised more questions than we had answers for. Over the past several decades, IWRM has remained a somewhat seductive concept on which countless papers and books have been written and thousands of meetings and conferences have been held all over the world. Yet, it has been impossible to operationalise this concept anywhere in the world.

Asit K. Biswas, Preface to: Integrated Water Resources Management: From Concept to Implementation, edited by Cecilia Tortajada, 2015, Routledge, London, pages xiii-xiv.

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