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Assessing Wastewater Management in India

This book highlights the institutional, legal, and policy measures to manage water pollution in India, and discusses how effective they have been in improving the overall quality of the country’s surface and groundwater resources. It also reviews the status of wastewater generation, collection and treatment in urban areas to provide insights into the gaps in wastewater treatment. Further, it offers a detailed analysis of the wastewater treatment systems available and examines the human health impacts of water pollution in the country, as well as the future trajectory of investment in wastewater treatment systems and potential sectors for reuse and recycling of wastewater, briefly assessing the market demand for treated wastewater. Lastly, it investigates the factors influencing the environmental sustainability and economic viability of wastewater treatment as well as future areas of research in the field.

M. Dinesh Kumar and Cecilia Tortajada, 2020, Springer, Singapore, 86 pages.

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