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Past Projects

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State of World’s Waters

The Third World Centre for Water Management initiated a project on the assessment of freshwater-related issues in certain major countries of the world. The study considered issues like water availability (quantity and quality), uses, demands, impacts on environment and health, and other related issues.

El Papel de las Mujeres en el Manejo del Agua

La participación de la mujer en el sector hidráulico es de suma importancia. Sin embargo, a nivel mundial, las discusiones sobre mujer y manejo y uso del agua han estado prácticamente dominadas por especialistas de género. Mujeres en puestos gerenciales o de toma de decisiones en el sector hidráulico se han abstenido de participar en estas reuniones por diversos motivos.

Integrated River Basin Management

Integrated river basin management, irrespective of the national and international rhetorics, has made limited progress in the region. Integrated planning of river basins should be based on a dynamic methodology which can be adapted not only to specific conditions but also to changing conditions.

Manejo de Ríos, Lagos y Acuíferos Internacionales

Debido a que la mayoría de las fuentes de agua nacionales ya han sido explotadas, o están en proceso de serlo, existe la posibilidad de que exista mayor presión para utilizar los cuerpos internacionales de agua y que en muchos casos pueden ser explotadas de manera costeable.

Human Rights to Water

The main objectives of this project is to analyse how several countries have approached the issue of human rights to water in terms of incorporating this concept into appropriate public policies, implementation of such policies, impacts of the implementation processes, successes achieved, constraints faced, how these constraints could be overcome, and to formulate a road map for the future.

Impactos de los Foros Mundiales del Agua

Durante los últimos 25 años, cientos de millones de dólares han sido gastados en la organización de foros mundiales para discutir aspectos relacionados con el recurso agua. Sin embargo, y a pesar de las enormes cantidades de recursos económicos invertidos y del tiempo y esfuerzos necesarios para organizar estos eventos, se desconocen sus beneficios.

Women and Water Management

The Centre has embarked in the task of analysing the roles women play and could play in the management and planning of water resources from the viewpoints of senior women water managers and decision-makers at the national, regional and global levels. Specific ideas in terms of implementable proposals on how the participation of women in the field of water management could be increased are now urgently needed.

Management of Transboundary Rivers, Lakes and Aquifers

International organizations can play an important role as mediators of conflicts on transboundary water bodies. However, except for Eugene Black, the former President of the World Bank, who played a critical role in the 1950s on forging the agreement on the Indus River water-sharing treaty between India and Pakistan, their contributions have been mostly marginal in recent decades.

Experiences in Water Management in Latin America

Latin America, the focus of this programme, is a geographical region where the challenges faced by the countries to ensure efficient water management are many and complex.

Impacts of Global Water Forums

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent at global forums to discuss water-related issues over the past 25 years. While the costs have escalated exponentially for these global discussions, no serious study has even been conducted as to what have been the impacts, individual or collective, of all the large global forums, and if more efficient and cost-effective alternatives are available to such global forums.

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