China’s water revolution

Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada MEGA | April 8, 2020 Some 15 years ago, China tried to improve its water management policies to reduce impacts of devastating floods, extensive pollution and poor water management practices. During the past decade, … Read More

Beware the false security of wearing plastic gloves

March 27, 2020
Singapore is very fortunate as the entire population has access to clean water, soap and handwashing facilities. But are these actually used by individuals and by food handlers, whether in hawker centres or fancy restaurants? Anecdotal information indicates this is often not the case.… Read More

Climate change and national security: The rules of foreign policy are changing

March 18, 2020
Climate change and natural resource pollution have become part of the national security agenda in countries all over the world. Although analysts have traditionally treated the strength of sovereign borders through the lens of political or economic issues, recent years have seen increasing attention paid to how environmental issues exacerbate, complicate, and multiply these political and economic problems.… Read More

Prevention is always better than cure

March 4, 2020
Chinese top leader Xi Jinping has asked Party officials to be on the “highest alert to ‘black swan’ incidents and take steps to prevent ‘gray rhino’” events. He has emphasised the importance to fight well with preemptive warfare so as to prevent and withstand risks, and at the same time fight well the war of strategic initiatives to convert danger into safety and turn crises into opportunities.… Read More

Assessing business and sustainability in China

January 23, 2020
Interests of Chinese companies in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are of comparatively recent origin. Because of this, many major Chinese companies started considering seriously their ESG issues. … Read More