Water security crucial for a beautiful and green China

January 13, 2024
China accounts for nearly 21 percent of the global population but has only 6 percent of the world’s freshwater, and per capita water availability in China is about 25 percent of the global average. Hence, to ensure long-term water security, China’s water management practices and processes have to be one of the best in the world.… Read More

Floods are the new normal – maybe it’s time for a ‘new normal’ on how we deal with them

December 1, 2023
According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), in 2014, damages from a single flood in India were estimated at US$16.9 billion. Damages from floods were less in 2022, both in economic terms, estimated at US$4.2 million, and losses of live, calculated at 2,000 deaths. This shows that progress in reducing disaster risks has improved, but it is not enough given the uncertainties due to climate change.… Read More

At the front of world’s energy transition

November 27, 2023
A vast number of people around the world are aware that China is among the world’s largest energy consumers and emitters of greenhouse gases. However, an overwhelming majority of them are unaware that China is also the global leader in nearly all aspects of renewable energy generation, production, manufacturing and export.… Read More

Problem solving in Brahmaputra Valley

November 7, 2023
For almost as long as India has been independent, its north-eastern region (NER) has struggled with issues of disasters and development, often looked at separately. The region has seen a range of complex issues related to earthquakes, floods, riverbank erosion, distress migration, violence and poverty.… Read More