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Communications & Media

The Centre realises that policymakers seldom have time to read scientific papers and books. Thus, to inform and sensitise policy-makers and general public, the Centre regularly contributes opinion pieces in major national and international media. In addition, views of the Centre are regularly published by media in terms of interviews, expert opinions and policy briefs.

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Can Singapore build a better environment? Resource efficiency efforts for a sustainable built environment

December 6, 2017

Policy Forum

In resource-scarce Singapore, the mentality of providing resources ad infinitum, even if they are inefficiently used, has to change, Tommy Kevin Lee and Cecilia Tortajada write.

Developing countries could get sick before they get rich. Policy can help

December 5, 2017

The Conversation

Improved human well-being is one of the modern era’s greatest triumphs. The age of plenty has also led to an unexpected global health crisis: two billion people are either overweight or obese. Developed countries have been especially susceptible to unhealthy weight gain, a trend that could be considered the price of abundance. However, developing countries are now facing a similar crisis.

Everyone’s water needs could be met

December 4, 2017

La Vie - Le Monde

There is no question that if the current dismal water management practices continue, by 2030, many parts of the world will face a water crisis that no earlier generation has ever faced because of water scarcities and increasing pollution.

China wages war on pollution

November 11, 2017

The Straits Times

As the effects of environmental pollution in China have become more devastating and visible, the government strengthened its Environmental Protection Law this year for the first time in a quarter of a century.

China’s soft power struggles

November 9, 2017

Policy Forum

China could increase its soft power impact, but openness, transparency, and tolerance of debate present significant hurdles, Asit K Biswas and Kris Hartley write.

Les besoins en eau de tous pourraient être satisfaits

November 7, 2017

La Vie - Le Monde

Inondations, sécheresses, pollutions… en 10 ans seulement, l’eau est devenue l’une des préoccupations majeures au niveau mondial. Un état d’urgence lié à une mauvaise gestion de la ressource à laquelle il est vital de remédier.

The case for self-sustaining rural areas

October 31, 2017

The Business Times

Over the past several months, India's beleaguered cities have been the subject of much scrutiny and intense criticisms. This year's monsoon rains have caused numerous losses of lives and economic and social disruptions.

Toward a green, but robust, economy

October 24, 2017

China Daily

Thanks to almost four decades of reform, China has transformed from a planned to a market-based economy with an unprecedented economic growth rate, which helped it meet all the Millennium Development Goals by 2016.

Can China clean up its act?

October 18, 2017

Policy Forum

After decades of staggering growth, China faces air, water and soil pollution problems on an unprecedented scale. Asit K Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada take a look at what the country’s policymakers are doing about it.

China’s green planning for the world starts with infrastructure

October 17, 2017

The Conversation

The United States is retreating from the global community under a president who rejected the Paris Climate Accords and denigrates NAFTA and NATO. This provides an opportunity for China to play a greater role in global affairs.

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