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Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Follow That ​Rainbow ​Programme ​

By Channel ​NewsAsia ​| ​March 25, 2016 ​

Lee Kuan ​Yew’s ​contribution to ​Singapore’​s success is ​well-documented ​over the 60 ​years he served ​as a key ​political ​figure in ​Singapore’​s history. ​Older ​Singaporeans ​are familiar ​with how ​through his ​leadership a ​small nation ​became one of ​the world’​s most ​successful ​countries. But ​is this the ​same for the ​country’s ​youth? This one-​hour documentary ​explores the ​legacy of ​Singapore’​s founding ​father through ​the eyes of a ​25-year-old ​lawyer. Born in ​1990, the same ​year that Mr ​Lee’s ​term as Prime ​Minister came ​to a close, ​Nadia grew up ​in a Singapore ​already well on ​its way to ​first world ​status. Like ​many of her Gen ​Y counterparts, ​most of what ​she knew about ​Mr Lee was ​through text ​books. One year ​after his death,​ Nadia is ​struck by his ​call to those ​with the spirit ​of adventure to ​follow that ​rainbow. She ​embarks on a ​journey to gain ​a deeper ​understanding ​of this leader ​and discovers ​how he put ​Singapore on ​the map and ​that his legacy ​extends well ​beyond the ​island’s ​shores. ​

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